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I saidddddd bitchhhhh it’s that turn up
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A brick in one of the plazas in my town….really makes me wonder who put it there and why.
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when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u



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Hey there. Please don't kill yourself. I'm sure you're perfect :) and you seem young so you have so much life left to live! Killing yourself will solve nothing. It'll just have a negative effect on everyone close to you. So just hang in there. Things have to get better eventually. I believe in you. You can do this!


Thank you so very much. I was going through a rough time but everything is great now. I apprentice the time you took out your day.

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I love my journal, but even 'it's' getting tired of listening

    I have won a decent amount from the casino, have unlimited any drugs I want for free, but sleeping in this nice loft bed alone is just not as fulfilling as I'd hoped for. I guess what's a life full of excitement if I can't enjoy it with you. Seeing other people so perfect together who accept each other's flaws and love unconditionally because they forgive one another is hard. I admire but always resent. I know after that one, nothing is ever the same. Just lesser versions of what you had once felt. That doesn't seem like a life I wanna live no matter what amazing things I do. Cuz once I come home who am I gonna tell it to? Whose going to make me feel better. Bout having bad dreams still at 20? Make me not even see any of my flaws because I see me how you see me. It's not just the way you make me feel about myself either. I love everything you do. Even the potentially considered bad things, by others. I love it all. Just being around you I can't stop smiling. I still think back on moments we shared, and I'll smile. I can close my eyes and I'm almost there. Not alone in this big empty bed. Up all night, thinking about you. Writing down what I want to say but never sending it. Crying, and never showing. As well as loving and lacked the strength to prove and show it. I will forever live in regret..
    Brianna,Maxine, Lerrel, Frinej ,Naomi, and Murci are all what make me who I am, and they all agree and feel the same.
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Holy crap stupid heart

    I hate my heart it's such a sensitive little puss. I care too much, but don't show enough.... Give so much love but, don't genuinely take it. Buttttt fuck it. I'm bout to get HAF and jump over the motha fucking moon, dawg. Then potentially over dose. My premonition, my gut feeling, my faith, my hope, my heart,and just how I would also want it to be. I'm tired of sleeping like a dog on the floor, I'm tired of begging for things I want, it's either give up or get your head up! I feel like in this life time I am not going to enjoy my life with my soul mate. This life was one where our souls met, but.... I guess maybe next time. Or next life? Now I'm walk k dding out. I'll post more awesome pictures when I'm done doing them.
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If you hit woman you’re a pice of shit. Bad week
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So romantic